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This link covers all the items that you would normally find in an Employee Handbook and other employment related policies. It provides you with considerable information regarding your employment and about the Company and the standards, rules and procedures we have in place.

You should familiarise yourself with all the areas on the site, working your way down the menu items.

There are a number of policy documents on the site, and you should read these through at least once, and you can then refer to them as required. You may also be asked to complete some forms on the site (e.g. a new starter form).

If there is anything you do not understand when you are reading through, please do not hesitate to speak to your Manager.

We hope you find the site useful and informative. If you have any ideas or suggestions about how we can make the site easier to use or of more interest, or if there is something you want to put on the site, please let us know