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Inert tracer gas coupled with a probe is used to locate difficult to find leaks in fixed pipework installations. Specialist gas is pressurised through the pipes and then detected as it permeates out of a leak. It is safe to use in internal or external environments. This method will detect leakages on all systems and pipe constructions.



At no cost*:

  1. We are available 24/365 for advice and emergency works.
  2. We negotiate directly with the insurance company to ensure you receive your full entitlement.
  3. We will communicate with you & keep you involved in the decision making process at all times giving you free online access to our Claimtrack system
  4. We will invoice the insurance company direct upon your complete satisfaction

* Oakleafe can provide end to end management of the claims process from initial call through to completion with absolutely no cost to you as long as you use our services. In this instance we do not charge a fee for our service as we are paid by your Insurer for the reinstatement work we carry out. Please note an excess may apply.