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Q: Do I have to use the Insurance company’s own repair contractors?

A: NO this is a myth, If you favour using your own contractors then tell your insurance company of your intentions, they will probably request that you get two quotes. You have a legal right to use your own contractor. Oakleafe are experienced, specialist insurance repair contractors.

Q: We have heard horror stories of insurance companies own builders

A: The first question you should ask their loss adjustor is ‘Do you employ your own direct labour force?’ if the answer is no, then be cautious. The insurance companies sub contract the building repairs to contractors on their own ‘approved list’ who are given a fixed rate for the repair. These repairs are price and time driven and the quality of work usually suffers as a result.

Q: My Insurance company has appointed a loss adjuster to my claim, what does this mean to me? 

A: This will mean the cost of repair has exceeded or is likely to exceed a set figure. The insurance company’s loss adjuster will want to visit your home and ascertain the claim validity, and set out a scope of works with us. We will attend the meeting to discuss the building works planned and ensure your property will receive its full entitlement for reinstatement to pre loss condition. In the event of a dispute over the scope and extent of works, we will engage the services of professional surveyors, structural engineers and architects who are experienced in the insurance repair field. Loss Adjuster Vs Loss Assessors

Q: At what stage of my claim should I instruct Oakleafe

A: Ideally at the commencement of your claim which is precisely the time when your insurers will instruct a Loss Adjuster to act on their behalf and look after the insurers interests.  The Claims Process

Q: What will you charge me?

A: We work in association with our sister company (Oakleafe Claims) to handle the claim at no cost to you – the insurance company will pay us direct for the building works. Fees

Q: How long will my claim take to settle?

A: No one is able to give you a specific time-frame. The majority of claims are settled within a few weeks, but the more complicated claims can take longer.

Q: What if I need the services of an Architect or a Surveyor?

A: We like to work with firms experienced in insurance claims and we’ll be delighted to suggest these experts. In our experience, when a Loss Adjuster suggests their own Surveyors, very often those Surveyors are trying to protect the Insurance Companies interests. Whether the Surveyors are chosen by the Loss Adjusters or by you, their fees are paid by your Insurers. Our business partners provide this service at no cost to you.

Q: Why Oakleafe? – Haven’t the insurance companies got their own builders?

A: Oakleafe operates 24/7, 365 days a year. We are very well respected and experienced insurance repair company. Unlike insurance appointed builders who are given fixed rates, we work to a quality and not a price.

Q: My insurance company told me that I must use their builder?

A: Wrong. You have a legal right to choose your own contractor. You are allowed to do this so long as the contractor is not excessively more expensive. The costing has to offer value. This does not mean the cheapest quote. We receive a very large proportion of work through insurance companies recommendations that the policy holder gets in 2 estimates. Although huge, some insurance companies don’t have the resources to cover all claims.

Q: What areas do you cover?

A: We react for claims all over London, Essex and the surrounding counties.