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Repairs for Water Leaks, Burst Pipes & Flood Damage

No matter how small water leaks may appear, the effects of a burst pipe can quickly escalate and cause significant damage in a property. When water does leak, the incident must be dealt with quickly and thoroughly to prevent more serious damage from occurring.

We at Oakleafe understand that when it comes to leak repairs, damage can be significant and will only become worse if the issue is not resolved with a high level of competence. For this reason, we always ensure that:

  • The cause of the water damage is traced and rectified immediately.
  • The area is made safe.
  • All materials are fully dried by the latest mechanical means.
  • The area and surrounding area affected by water and flood damage is restored to its pre-incident condition

Water is known as the universal solvent for very good reasons. Where water leaks cause damage, the water has the ability to corrode and magnify existing life forms such as mould and bacteria. It can also cause various other damaging effects ranging from cracking and swelling of products to faults in electrical components.

Primary Damage & Secondary Damage

We are experts at identifying all types of damage. We have been looking at water damaged buildings as a company for over 140 years! With leak repairs, damage caused by the initial water is called primary damage and the effects are usually instantly identifiable. However, it is always harder to see the secondary damage because this is caused by the moisture changing from liquid to vapour and travelling throughout the building. When the vapour re-forms in condensation, it is absorbed by porous materials, creating damage that could become visible in several weeks, months or even years time.

When it comes to water leaks and flood damage, secondary damage and its subsequent effects are often preventable. However, you must ensure that all water damage repairs are identified & conducted thoroughly and professionally by an experienced and qualified team, which is exactly what we will provide you with at Oakleafe.

At no cost*:

  1. We are available 24/365 for advice and emergency works.
  2. We negotiate directly with the insurance company to ensure you receive your full entitlement.
  3. We will communicate with you & keep you involved in the decision making process at all times giving you free online access to our Claimtrack system
  4. We will invoice the insurance company direct upon your complete satisfaction

* Oakleafe can provide end to end management of the claims process from initial call through to completion with absolutely no cost to you as long as you use our services. In this instance we do not charge a fee for our service as we are paid by your Insurer for the reinstatement work we carry out. Please note an excess may apply.