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This phase is to gain planning permission to build the desired building on the site usually from the local authority concerned but may be with central government implications. The proposal for a property development must be acceptable to the local authority with it’s planning control system and national etc., guidelines.

To quite an extent, the price of the site is dependent on its existing or forthcoming planning status. Furthermore, the value of the end product will, to quite an extent, be dependant on a tolerance by the nature of the planning permission allowed to the basic profit maximisation in the design and function of the end product. To gain agreement or changes in what is to be built on the site needs negotiations between the developer and the local authority. These negotiations may also include changing the nature, size and function of the building considered for the site (plus iterations back through feasibility study).

In practice, consulting with the appropriate planning officer of the local authority before submitting the formal planning application may help to obtain a positive result in this phase as well as such information being fed into the feasibility study and minimising the developers’ expenditures and risks from same.