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Oakleafe is an established business with virtually no staff turnover. Staff tend to join the business and stay until retirement.

If a member of staff does decide to leave an Exit Interview is held to determine the reasons for leaving. There is an Exit Interview form that is used to conduct the meeting and gather appropriate information.

The Senior Management team meets monthly and resource is an agenda item and each Senior Manager in the business will provide a review of the situation in their area of the business. This is the forum where trends are reviewed, issues discussed and new jobs are agreed.

If the Senior Management Team agree that there is a need for extra resource in any area of the business, then the Senior Manager of that section will use the recruitment and selection process to start the process of filling the vacancy. Job description and job matrices are drawn up for any new role.

The Finance Director collates figures on a regular basis to reflect the current number of employees and any staff turnover and the reasons for this – redundancy, dismissal, retirement, ill health, moving away from the area, career prospects.

The company believe that they are above processes allow them to continually monitor their staff numbers and turnover to ensure that they are aware of any issues and the reasons why people are leaving.

All managers are aware of this policy and they have the skills and knowledge to input into it and conduct Exit Interviews.