Project Konan

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As part of our growth strategy, Oakleafe has embarked upon an IT improvement program called ‘Project Konan’. Oakleafe intends to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 to replace many of its Silo based IT systems in this programme.This will improve efficiency & accountability.

The proposed Microsft Dynamics NAV 2015, is expected to deliver an integrated IT sytem to address the Finance, HCM, Project management, Inventory and Contact management functionalities. The existing and proposed systems are described below.

  • Contact Management – This functionality is expected to improve customer contact & management system.
  • Job Management – This job management tool is web based and creates a “live” tracking and resource allocation environment
  • HBXL System – This is a Dimms wizard system primarily focused to generate estimation, contract documents, building plans and health & safety documents. This is a much specialised software that addresses very specific deliverables.
  • Inventory Management – Dynamics NAV will maintain, monitor and track plant and resources for projects. It creates reminders and Geo-fences plant locations for retrieval and management.
  • Finance System – All finance and accounts activities to be replaced by Dynamics NAV creating a harmonious accounts environment with permissible access to every level of the package.
  • HR System & Payroll – It’s planned to bring in the basic modules in house by using a HCM module of Dynamics NAV.
  • Fleet Management – Nav Dynamics will link into Oakleafe’s web based fleet management system to track and manage all the vehicles in field.
  • Reports – The Project Konan system is expected to deliver a reporting mechanism to run day to day operations and transmit data live to screens and mobile devices within the Oakleafe team.